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In todayís trucking industry, the market is so saturated by suppliers competitively selling similar products that purchasing becomes confusing and cumbersome. A good example of this is in truck seating. There are more than 10 seating companies that are all fighting for the majority of the Heavy-Duty Truck seat market in the U.S. So how does one know that they are getting the best product for their money? By evaluating the seatís comfort, ergonomics/adjustability, quality, and added value.


The most important attribute of a seat. Evaluate the "feel" of the seatís cushion and back, making sure that the foam is at your preferred density. Next, choose a cushion that fits the your body size. The standard cushion is 18" wide, however, some manufacturers have developed a 21" wide cushion on their seats to accommodate the larger individuals.


After you find a comfortable seat that fits your body size, chose a seat that ergonomically shapes to your body and/or can be adjusted to do so. The seat must have easy-to-use adjustment knobs that properly shape to and support your back (lumbar), your legs (rake angle/extension for extra leg support), your arms (adjustable armrests), and posture (recline).

Having the capability of easily adjusting the supports of your seat after driving for hours can make all of the difference.


The final factor. Purchase a seat that has a great reputation and is notorious for its great quality were the suspension does not fall apart and the isolator does not become loose. Choose a seat from a manufacturer that has a great warranty and backs it 100%.