Panasonic Radio/Cassette/CD Players

Part No. Description


Radio - AM/FM/Cassette, ISO Ready, No Harness


Radio - AM/FM/Cassette, STD Power w/ 1A Harness


Radio - AM/FM/Cassette w/ 3A Harness


Radio - AM/FM/Cassette w/ 4A Harness


Stereo - AM/FM/Cassette w/ 5A Harness


Radio - AM/FM/Cassette, w/ 6A Harness

Panasonic Truck Radio Quality

To find a radio that will hold up in the heavy duty truck application, look no further than the family of truck radios made by Panasonic.

Heavy-duty design begins inside the radio where Panasonic uses 73% fewer manual solder points (that can break from vibration) than a standard car radio. Panasonic cassette players use 50% fewer gears in their tape mechanisms and the optical decks in their compact disc players are mounted on a floating "anti-shock" suspension. Super-bright L.E.D. lighting is used for the radio displays so you don't ever have to worry about pilot lamp burnout. Even the radio faceplates have "friction-proof" lettering that survives years of cleaning without rubbing off.

Unlike the dozens of small buttons found on a standard car radio, all Panasonic truck radios have large buttons that are easy to find (and feel) when you need to keep your eyes on the road. Features like 7-channel weatherband and a built-in alarm clock may not be important to soccer moms, but they are to most truckers. Panasonic truck radios are the number one choice of truck manufacturers and truck drivers for one simple reason--they are built to last. Do yourself a favor and choose a radio like you choose a truck. Think heavy-duty. Think Panasonic.