Fontaine Fifth Wheel Application

The Fontaine
Fifth Wheel Stationary Long Plate Mount (PLA)

When you're hauling really heavy loads, Fontaine's Stationary Plate Mount Fifth Wheel gives you the extra strength you need for security.

Strategic load-bearing areas are reinforced. The corrugated mounting plates are available in long or short lengths with mounting brackets in a variety of heights to fit your hauling needs.

Our unique Plate Mount is as safe and convenient as it is strong. The patented NO-SLACK® II locking system automatically eliminates fifth wheel slack, and the design includes an integral secondary safety lock to prevent false coupling and premature trailer release.

The Plate Mount is available with Fontaine's NO-SLACK® II standard or 5092 heavy-duty top plates incorporating low-alloy, high tensile formed steel and a heavy-duty steel substructure for high structural integrity. The surface of our top plates is designed for uniform lubrication. And the one-piece cast saddle bearings are built with large grease grooves for uniform grease flow and coverage.

So, when you know stronger is better - choose the best. The Fontaine® Stationary Plate Mount Fifth Wheel.

Rating:Standard Duty50,000 pound vertical load
150,000 pound drawbar pull
Heavy Duty55,000 pound vertical load
150,000 pound drawbar pull
Application:Tractors requiring a fixed 5th wheel with additional strength.
Mounting:A standard NO-SLACKČ II or heavy-duty 5092 top plate is mounted on standard plate mount brackets bolted to a long or short corrugated mounting plate on outboard mounting angles and the truck frame.
Construction:A high-strength low-alloy formed steel top plate with a heavy-duty steel substructure. Precision-formed corrugated mounting plates.
Warranty:Fontaine's standard five year warranty.

Stationary Long Plate Mount Fifth Wheel (PLA)

Model Number Description Weight (lbs)
SL6PLA71257-1/8" Mounting Height.418
SL6PLA81258-1/8" Mounting Height.422
SL6PLA91259-1/8" Mounting Height.426
SL6PLA1012510-1/8" Mounting Height.444
SL6PLA1112511-1/8" Mounting Height.448

Heavy Duty Stationary Long Plate Mount Fifth Wheel (HPLA)

Model Number Description Weight (lbs)
SLHPLA73757-3/8" Mounting Height.540
SLHPLA83758-3/8" Mounting Height.544
SLHPLA93759-3/8" Mounting Height.548
SLHPLA1037510-3/8" Mounting Height.566
SLHPLA1137511-3/8" Mounting Height.570

The above part numbers are left side opening. To order a right side opening Top Plate, change the part number from "SL" to "SR" (Example: SRHPLA7375). To order an Air Actuated Top Plate, add 6 lbs. to the weight and change the part number from "SL" to "AA" (Example: AAHPLA7375). Order dash installation kit separately. The above fifth wheels are bolted to a =" Corrugated Mounting Plate.

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